Learn to Change Picture Size with an Image Reducer

The best part about digital photography is that we can easily share pictures with friends and family by uploading to our online profiles on MySpace, Facebook or in virtual photo albums in Flickr or Picasa. We can also share our pics by sending via email or through a messenger application (Yahoo, MSN, AOL).

In all those cases we have to upload the images online which can take us a lot of time since our digital photos have very large file sizes and dimensions. Additionally some sites require to change our picture' sizes to specified dimensions (e.g. 800x600) prior to uploading. The good news is we can reduce our picture sizes and compress them at the same time.

BatchPhoto is a picture size reducer software capable of changing photo sizes for hundreds of pics in one session and at the same time better compress the images. Additionally and at the same time, BatchPhoto can apply more edits on your pics, edits like: rename, annotate with date/time and comments, special effects and even watermarks!

But why not try for free the fully-featured trial version of BatchPhoto and see if it's the right tool for you? To download the trial just left-click on the "Try it Free" button bellow!

BatchPhoto is a image reducer software that can change/reduce the size of JPEG/JPG, PDF, PNG, TIFF/TIF, GIF, BMP images and many other graphic formats!

Change Picture Size

Note: BatchPhoto works with Windows® XP, Vista, 7 as well as the other Windows systems.